First Plenary Meeting, July 4-5, 2022, Paris

Location: Inria, Paris – 2 rue Simone Iff, 750112 Paris.

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Access information:
Meeting Room: Jacques-Louis Lions 1


Day 1: 4th of July

12:00 Lunch – Brasserie le Repaire, 100 avenue Daumesnil, 75012
14:00 Welcome, introduction: Hilko Hoffmann (DFKI), Gabriel Antoniu (Inria)
14:15 Using Surrogate Models and Adaptive Sampling to Solve Inverse Simulation Problems (WP1), Tim Dahmen (DFKI)
14:35 Simulation-based inference and generative neural networks: Early explorations (WP1), Sofya Dymchenko (Inria)
14:55 ML Model Performance Monitoring with Generative Models (WP2), René Schubotz, Melvin Celli (DFKI)
15:15 Approaches for scalable interoperable cloud edge systems (WP2), Sebastian Alberternst (DFKI)

15:35 Coffee break (15 minutes)

15:50 Supporting Efficient Workflow Deployment of Federated Learning Systems on the Computing Continuum (WP2), Cédric Prigent (Inria)
16:10 Compiler Techniques for CNNs (WP3), Richard Membarth, Matthias Kurtenacker (DFKI)
16:30 Memory saving for neural network training (WP3), Xunyi Zhao (Inria)
16:50 Tutorial for Rotor: a tool for Rematerializing Optimally with pyTORch (WP3), Lionel Eyraud-Dubois (Inria)
17:15 Adjurn
19:30 Dinner – Le Bouillon République, 39 bd du Temple, 75003

Day 2: 5th of July

08:45 Welcome coffee
09:00 Free break-out sessions per WP
12:00 Adjurn
12:30 Lunch – L’alchimiste, 181 rue de Charenton, 75012

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